BIÓM Biofoam | Environmentally Responsible Rigid Foam

BIÓM is a remarkable surfboard and watercraft foam technology that is certified 100% biodegradable and certified 100% biobased.

BIÓM® is a collaborative effort between Tecniq Holdings, LLC and Synbra Technology bv. Starting in 2006, Synbra invented, developed and patented the unique foam material known as BioFoam®. In 2012, Tecniq began working with Synbra to develop a high-performance grade of BioFoam®, and thus BIÓM® was born.

It has taken over five years to bring a high performance market-viable rigid foam to reality. BIÓM® can now compete toe-to-toe with rigid PU and EPS foams commonly found in the marketplace. The Company has plans to expand strategic manufacturing sites around the globe and to continue to improve the quality of the foam on an ongoing basis.